October IT Event

Learn How to Prepare Your Digital Infrastructure –
SDN and SaaS Monitoring

For the media and entertainment industry, the ways to stay up-to-date on digital assets and network infrastructure are always changing and evolving. New technologies, from alerting and graphing to security and scalability, are proving themselves invaluable. With these transformations, keeping up with everything you need to know and feeling secure about managing your enterprise network can send a chill down your spine. However, by staying informed, preparing and protecting your digital infrastructure doesn’t need to be a frightening experience.

You are invited to join an educational luncheon and moderated panel discussion that will review challenges and offer critical solutions when it comes to digital monitoring and managing your network. This exclusive event will be moderated by Dorren Schmitt from The Weather Channel, and include panel representatives from Comprehensive Technical Group (CTG), Eric McVey from Tier4 (CIO), Joe August from Cisco DNA (Digital Network Architecture), as well as David Powell, General Manager, Service Provider Business for LogicMonitor.

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