CTG Launches New and Responsive Website

Atlanta, Georgia, May 11, 2017

Comprehensive Technical Group (CTG) recently unveiled a new responsive and updated website that makes the user experience friendlier while highlighting the offerings of the company. With assistance from Evoke Design, key leaders at CTG sought to make the new website less cut and dry, and more eye-catching and relationship focused. To achieve this goal, the site was thoroughly reworked, with new content, layout, and imagery. With a complete overhaul of the look and feel, minus the logo, the new site sets them apart from their competitors.

Jim Lee, CTG Sales Manager, explains, “CTG offers a vast array of specialized solutions for the entertainment and media industries, and as a technology based company we always need to look like we are up to date on the latest innovations. We took this information and created a site that gives potential customers the confidence that CTG can provide exactly what they need.”

The three key areas that make up CTG’s services are greatly highlighted which include Media and Entertainment, Audio/Visual, and Information Technology. CTG has historically been known for their cutting-edge media and A/V solutions, but IT has quickly become equally important in today’s market. The new site conveys the significance CTG places on IT security and stability.

The layout of the site changed to be more organized for the reader, and headlines were added to feature the changes of the existing content. The new website appears more professional and portrays CTG as a company that is on the forefront of their industry.

“The website CTG had before was informative, but it really didn’t set them apart from their competition.” Evoke Design’s Matthew Boyd states, “We wanted to create a balance of innovation and security, relationships and connections. The content was done in a way to convey this message, and the graphic elements added emphasis to their strong business practices.” The opening callout reads, “When People and Technology Work in Sync, Great Things Happen.” This statement sums up what sets CTG apart with their focus on partnerships.


About CTG

Since 1991, CTG has been an industry leader in the design and implementation of integrated technical solutions across the United States. Encompassing media, entertainment, audio/visual, and custom hosting solutions, CTG delivers a solution personalized for the unique needs of each customer with an extensive selection of over 500 top-of-the-line products and a commitment to clients unlike anything else in the industry. Whether you are a small studio or a large production facility, Comprehensive Technical Group (CTG) can provide everything you require for your project and integration services delivering the technology, the talent, and the tools necessary. More information about CTG is available at ctgatlanta.com.

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