CTG Employee Spotlight: Steven Gilmore

In this series, we’re shining the spotlight on CTG employees, interview style! Please meet Steven Gilmore, CTS, DMC-D-4K, DMC-S, ISF-C. Steven is an Audiovisual Design Engineer and has been with CTG for 9 months.

What’s your favorite part of working at CTG?
I enjoy the small company vibe (family oriented, team focused) that we have. Everyone is committed to doing whatever it takes to complete projects, meet deadlines and be successful.

What do you think makes CTG stand out from our competition?
Having such a strong history as a broadcast integrator, coupled with the focus on growth from an AV perspective, allows experts from each discipline to learn from those who are experienced in the other. When I have an AV design that includes elements from broadcast that I’m not as comfortable with, I know that I have strong team members who are willing and able to help me learn. Also having an IT department fills another gap that may exist with other AV companies, as the line between AV and IT continues to blur.

What advice would you give a new CTG employee?
I think, above all else, just have a positive attitude. Aside from the other obvious answers, having a positive attitude is infectious and impacts everyone on the team.

What kind of a person do you think makes a good CTG employee?

  1. Someone who is willing to look beyond their job description to help the team
  2. Having a positive attitude – Not just to get through the day but to affect others in a positive way as well
  3. A desire to continue to learn and improve as a person and an employee

What about you would your colleagues or clients be surprised to learn?
I’m extremely competitive in sports and games. I’m gracious in defeat, but I absolutely hate to lose. I shoot a lot of pool and I’m pretty good. I have a knack for learning to play musical instruments. I have a good ear and have learned to play guitar and violin just by obsessing over them. I have a decent singing voice as well – I once won a karaoke contest. Then I auditioned for American Idol. Didn’t even make it past the first producer/judges, but it was a wild experience.

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