CTG Employee Spotlight: Brian Preston

We’re shining the spotlight on CTG employee, Brian Preston. Brian joined CTG as a Project Manager in May 2019.

How long have you worked at CTG?
Approximately 3 months.

What’s your favorite part of working at CTG?
The people here come from a diverse background and have all sorts of interesting experiences and adventures to share.

Which CTG team member are you most grateful for? Why?
All of my peeps down here on Project Manager row!  For helping the new guy learn to swim in the deep end.

What’s your favorite CTG product to work with? Why?
The Keurig. Because. Coffee.

What kind of a person do you think makes a good CTG employee?
I think the secret is finding the perfect balance between having a self-starter independence and being a team player.

What advice would you give a new CTG employee?
As a new employee myself, the first step seems to be figuring out who holds which puzzle piece and learning how my piece can complete other people’s puzzles.

What’s your super power?
I’m hoping it’s Project Management!  Seriously though, I can fly – I just never do it because I’m afraid of heights.

What would your colleagues be surprised to know?
For 20+ years I produced, composed, arranged, engineered, and performed on more than 1,300 television and radio commercials.  Even today I still have music playing on over a thousand shows around the world. Most likely, at some time or another, you have heard something I created.

Do you have any interesting hobbies?
I have a lifelong passion for photography, a bit of a LEGO obsession, and any excuse to play retro video games.

Anything else interesting about yourself that you’d like to share?
I’ve toured Europe as a Front of House Engineer, worked as a Music Supervisor on Broadway, hitchhiked across the Czech Republic, and helicoptered to glaciers – but I can’t cook or ride a bicycle.

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