CTG Continues to Grow with New Team Members

Atlanta, Georgia, July 18, 2017 –

After over 25 years of substantial growth, CTG continues to successfully expand product lines and integrated technical relationships within the industries they serve. As CTG continues to grow, the company continues to bring on seasoned and experienced professionals. CTG is excited to recognize several key hires that have joined the CTG team over the last year.

Danny Pratt, CTG’s newest AV Design Engineer, is responsible for the design and development of audiovisual systems for corporate and large venue vertical markets. He is highly skilled in the creation of A/V, lighting, and control systems for multiple industries and very efficient in meeting deadlines while fulfilling client-bid requirements. In his experience, Danny has been recognized many times for his achievements, including an article that can be found on Infocomm’s website about his CTS-D exam certification process and preparations.

CTG also brought on AV Field Engineer Greg Barnes to oversee, program, and install new and existing control systems. Greg is a seasoned engineer and has extensive experience in programming Extron and Crestron control systems, firmware updates, and the installation of custom multi-zone audio and video distribution systems. He is certified as a CTS Certified Professional, as well as a Crestron Certified, Fusion, DMC-E-4K, CTI-P101, CTI-P201, and CTI-P301 Programmer.

Andrew Coole brought his 20 years of experience to CTG as a Field Project Engineer in December of 2016. Before joining the CTG team, Andrew served as Coordinator for Monday Night Football, X Games, The NFL Draft, International Tennis Opens, and various other productions. Now, he is leading special project field teams in multiple departmental initiatives while facilitating the implementation, installation, and integration of technical systems, equipment, and workflows. In addition, he makes it a goal to educate and assist customers in understanding new technologies and procedures.

Bob Maier joined CTG in 2016 and brought with him 20 years of General Manager experience offering collaborative technical solutions to higher education, corporate, healthcare and government markets. Now as Operations Manager, he focuses on asset management, scheduling, training, and technology specific subject matters for CTG clients. His level of expertise adds focus on the balance between technical plans, financial aspects, and operations.

The approach of CTG is comprehensive and tailored to the distinctive needs of each customer. By offering effective solutions, they encourage growth in the industries and businesses that they serve. From a start-up company over two decades ago, to an established and nationally recognized business today, CTG continues to exceed their goals with an award winning team.

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