Announcing CTG’s Starting Lineup – The Data Defense Bundle

football-defenseYour best IT offense is a good defense

When it comes to ransomware and cybercrime, there are no referees making sure that everyone follows the rules. With CTG’s Data Defense Bundle, you get 24/7 monitoring and security that makes sure your data is always protected.

The danger of cybercrime is exponential, and your business needs to be ready. CTG combines modern technology solutions, both preventative and reactive, so safeguarding critical information systems and data is easily implemented and managed. Sign up before August 31st, 2017 to get this protection for a special price.

Effective strategies rely on two core concepts – a focus on avoiding vulnerability and a strong response if and when the threat occurs. The success of responding to and being prepared for an attack depends on controlling the situation. CTG’s Data Defense Bundle includes a continuous and controlled approach to data management.

Our Defensive Line:

• Sophos Clean
• 24/7 Monitoring of your Infrastructure
• Malware Removal
• Antivirus Protection
• CryptoGuard AntiRansomware
• Malicious Traffic Detection

While the number of cybercrime victims targeted across the globe continues to grow and ransomware becomes more complex, there are ways to tackle the problem. CTG’s Data Defense Bundle provides preventative and reactive measures on as many endpoints as possible, offering a world-class service to our customers that will keep their data as secure as possible. All this from your trusted partner.

Download our flyer for all the information. 

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