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At CTG, we are a true technology partner. Each client has a unique vision, and it is our job to make that vision come to life, from small studios to large sports arenas. Our integrated solutions are not only technical design and installation, but consulting and support, providing a complete production experience.

“Our company is filled with creatives and engineers. Many of us have worked in the production industry most of our lives. We don’t just install equipment and plug it in. We know why it’s there and what it does. We truly love what we do.” James Beattie, Computer Services Supervisor


Broadcasting leaves little room for mistakes, and CTG recognizes that providing the latest equipment and design while delivering seamless on-air transition is critical to the success of the station.


Modern churches use a variety of media to communicate with their congregation, from video production upgrades to wireless technology to sound systems, and CTG provides solutions for all of these needs.


In order to reach thousands, you have to have a partner that understands designing and integrating efficient installations for public display areas, customer suites, on-time completion, remote production, and more.

Digital Cinema

Digital cinema is taking the theater experience to new and exciting levels. By upgrading their theaters with new digital cinema projectors, our clients bring world class entertainment to their audiences.

Digital Signage

CTG can design and install a multi-function display for any type of location. By using state-of-the-art digital signage systems, our clients make a lasting impression on their target audience.


CTG can design and install every audio/visual component a governmental department needs, including multi-use distributed audio and video systems, projection and presentation systems, and sound reinforcement systems.

Higher Education

CTG provides industry-standard learning resources such as multi-camera sound stages, digital signage for lectures, control rooms, classroom AV systems, professional audio recording suites, editing rooms, and more.

House of Worship

CTG works with many modern churches that use a variety of audio visual and broadcasting platforms to communicate with their local and remote congregations.


CTG not only offers end to end solutions from wiring to internet access, but we can architect a product to meet your specific needs whether LAN/WAN or a multi-office location. Our team provides cutting-edge web access security and protects your business against malware and SPAM.


CTG is with you from installation to configuration. Our staff can administer and manage your server system needs, connect and upgrade your computer software, and provide routine administration. Our ongoing assistance includes troubleshooting and any technical support for your IT projects.


With only the highest level of security, CTG can assist your organization with infrastructure management, storage, desktop, help desk, and technical support. Our job is to help your business achieve safe connectivity, bandwidth, infrastructure monitoring, security, virtualization, disaster recovery, and more.

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